Monday, November 5, 2012

It's been tough to keep my chin up at times, I miss my son Trevor so much. He is on my mind and in my heart every moment. If it wasn't for the strong connection I share with my son in this world and the next, and all his hard work to communicate every day, I simply would not be here... Trevor has taught me many things from home, (home) being the other side, or heaven... :)  I understand why he had to go, I understand that life is a gift and we should strive to live it to the fullest. Thats easy to say but hard to do without my sweet boy by my side here on earth... I will try my hardest to honor him, and Mother and Father God as well. That being said an idea came to me, a dream, to regain my confidence and adventurous spirit! I came across a group of women who embody just that an (adventurous spirit).  They are a fun group and I would love to join them. Think Red Hat Society on steroids... LOL  Each Sister has lovingly restored, redone, and redecorated her own little vintage trailer, in true glamping style! I will become a member and I will restore my own little vintage trailer...


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